this dog is fucked up bruh – the puzzle

This dog is dysfunctional. Hey, the riddle

Many thanks, @squidyz

Puzzle size: 10.62 × 13.62 × 34.6 cm; puzzle made of 252 pieces; pressed paper boards this dog is fucked up bruh  with adhesive, 0.06 ″ (1.53 mm) thick
Puzzle size for 520 pieces is 15.74 x 19.74 inches (40 x 50.1 cm).
• Vibrant colors; semi-gloss finish; digital printing
• Easily transformed into wall décor • US-sourced blank product components

Small pieces present a choking hazard. For youngsters under three years old only.

Important: Only the US is permitted to this dog is fucked up bruh purchase this product. Should your shipping address be  located outside of this area, kindly select an alternative item.

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