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This costco bean bag chair is essentially a canine bed for people.

Have you ever envied your dog because it gets to spend the costco bean bag chair entire day lounging on a comfortable bed instead of having to go to work? Similar here. The good news is that we can still make ourselves comfortable like our furry friends, even when there’s little we may do about our mundane lives.

One of the outrageously large pillows that Costco sells is like a dog kennel for people. The Crash cushion, created by Lounge & Co., is a massive bean bag chair constructed from superior grade high-density foam that offers both men and dogs a comfortable place to sit. Take a look at it—it’s enormous!

The pillow’s size allows you to use it in ways that a standard bean bag would not allow. For example, it can make for a cozy movie night seating arrangement since it can accommodate two individuals. In the event that the sofa is already occupied by guests, costco bean bag chair you may also utilize it as a temporary mattress. Naturally, your dog is also free to claim the property as their own.

Better still, the Crash cushion costs $129.99, less than comparable adult-sized beds and bean bag chairs. You can definitely pick one up at a Costco store nearby, but it is now available via the Costco website.

Other recent discoveries from Costco include suitable for Instagram fiddle leaf fig bushes for $15 and a National Hardware sofa impostor for a lot fewer dollars.

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