portal us travel docs login issues today: User might not be created.

To apply for a US visa, you must first complete the application for DS-160 and then register on the US Visa Interview Online booking system. Occasionally, when attempting to register for an account, you could see the following error message.

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1. What is causing the “User Cannot be created.” error to appear?

There may be occasions when you see the following message when attempting to register on the USTravelDocs Portal website, “Your request cannot be processed at this time.” A notice has been sent to the site administrator. The creation of a user failed. Please make sure that the First and Last Names you submit match those on your passport. As seen in the screenshot below, it appears.

When you read this notice, it might be incredibly confusing because you might not even realize why you received the mistake. Even if you ask for help, you might not receive the appropriate response.

One of the following factors is the basic cause of this error.

Existing account with the same email

It’s possible that you registered for an account on – the past and completely forgot about it. The false message that appears when you attempt to register a new account indicates that something is wrong. You might be confused because the system does not indicate that you might already have an account.
This typically occurs when you were employed by a company that made an account on yourself in the past using your email address, and you completely forgot about it. In the part after this, we’ll examine a solution.
In certain cases, they may have made an account for you through the CGI government system without having known if you sent a message to and a comparable email address appropriate for your nation. Though unusual, it occurs more frequently than you might imagine.

Characters entered that are not permitted

This error may occasionally appear because you inserted certain symbols that are prohibited. This mistake may be caused by a dot, extra space, or other object that the system does not like.

“User could not be created” problem solution Failed

You must first confirm that you still have connection to the email you used to register and that it is the one you entered. You’re in luck if you can still access. The solution is as follows: click the “Forgot Password?” link at the bottom. Your email address will need to be entered on the following screen. It appears as though below

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