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“Health Cabinet: Diving into the Shark Tank”

Chairman of  Discusses ‘Shark Tank’ Deal, Sustainable Medicine, and More (Exclusive)

A sustainable medicine company called Cabinet Health offers reusable glass jars for pill storage as well as drug refills in biodegradable pouches.

Chief of Cabinet Health Russell Gong

If you take medication on a regular basis, you have undoubtedly observed that the majority of over-the-counter and prescription medications come in plastic bottles. Pharmacies do not provide package-free medications in bulk bins or medication refills, and as a result, 190 billion single-use plastics pill bottles are used annually.

In order to address this issue, friends and business partners Russell Gong и Achal Patel established Cabinet Health in 2019.

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Gong and Mehta have many more hurdles than other entrepreneurs because they work in the medical field. But because Gong and Patel made an appearance in an early 2023 season of their company’s reality television series Shark Tank, many people, including the cast, are now big advocates of the enterprise.

The [pharmaceutical] business has produced a misleading option, Gong claims in a recent video chat with Green Matters.  Furthermore, that wasn’t the best decision to make.

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Russell Gong (L) and Achal Patel

The mission of Cabinet Health is to promote environmental sustainability in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Gong tells Green Matters, “I started the company alongside a very good friend my mine who’s called Achal Patel.” We’ve been friends for ten years, and Cabinet was created by fusing my expertise in sustainable product development and brand marketing with his history as a third-generation pharmaceutical entrepreneur.

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Deloitte Consulting is where the two guys first connected. Early in2015, Gong felt compelled to “do something associated with climate change, the natural world, and health” after serving an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army; Patel shared same sentiment.

“We eventually wanted to look into…

The opportunity with health care, and we also started to understand just environmentally destructive that sector is,” Gong says, reflecting on his time in the army. Therefore, we investigated the various supply chains used by conventional medications.In the end, we made the decision to take action.

By 2019, the concept for Cabinet Health had been developed by the two.

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How is Cabinet Health operated?

If you purchase the starter pack of any product from Cabinet, you will receive a glass medicine bottle that is safe for children to use and breakproof; a recyclable magnetic label that you can use to identify and later replace the pills’ label; and the compostable pouch that contains the pills, all of which are free of gluten, allergens, and carcinogens.

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Having said that, Cabinet is working to decrease the use of plastic in the medical industry.Furthermore, science exists and can accomplish this to the best of our ability; we have proof of this.

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