All of the casino royale offers Provides listed below (collectively, the “Casino Offers”) are valid for NEW individual reservations made with Royal Caribbean International by the eligible player recipient (referred to as the “Recipient”), who must meet the following requirements and is a resident of the USA or Canada and at least twenty-one (21) years old. This recipient must have verified ratings and be named in the notification, home invitation, and/or Instant Reward Certificate.

Free cruise offers and free instant reward certificates (together, the “free stateroom offer”): In the event that a new individual booking is made before the “Advertised Date” (the “Book by available upon the Recipient’s redemption of this Offer (the “Qualified Sailings”), in the stateroom category(ies) listed on the offer communication. Prior to embarkation, guarantee staterooms could be assigned along with a follow-up stateroom assignment. There is no way to combine the complimentary stateroom deal with another promotion.

Dollars Off Immediate Reward Certificates and Dollars Off Offers (the “Dollars Off Offer”): The Dollars Off Offer is valid for new individual reservations only and gives the recipient, subject to availability, the value specified in the communication that can be redeemed as dollars on the recipient’s purchase for any sailing departing before the “Advertised Date” (also known as “Qualified Sailings”), provided that the sailing is booked before the “Advertised Date” (also known as the “Book by Date”). You can combine the Dollar Off Offer with other offers and in-market deals.

Prior to embarkation, guarantee staterooms could be assigned along with a follow-up stateroom assignment. The cruise ticket for the additional passenger, with the casino royale offers discount rate, must be paid by the recipient if they are sailing alone without a visitor in their double occupancy stateroom. Single occupancy cabins are not eligible for the Discount Stateroom Offer.

Free Play: The recipient may exchange free play towards promotional casino royale offers game chips given to them at the cashier’s desk using their Sea Pass card (“Chips”) or promotional machine credit(s) provided to their Sea Pass account (“Credit(s)”). The recipient of the credit may be obliged to use the credit in full, and the credit has no financial value. It may also not be able to be redeemed out on certain machines. Chips can only be used for casino games and cannot be exchanged, sold, transferred, given, or given as gifts. They are also not convertible for cash for onboard credit. Available denominations of chips may vary. Chips are not permitted when playing Baccarat, Roulette, or Craps against the house. Chips remain in play until the hand is lost. The winning bet will be settled in chips for table games. By the last night in the Qualified Sailing, all of the free play must be utilized. While using the Free Play, the Recipient will not accrue Tier Credits nor Reward Points under the Club Royale Rewards Program.

Redeeming Offers Not Linked to an Online Reservation:

To redeem, get in touch with your Independent Cafe Representative or your professional Travel Advisor, or call your Casino Royale Sales Agent at 1-888-561-2234, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST and the weekends from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST.

Redeeming Offers connected to an online reservation:


In order to make a redemption, the Recipient must scan the QR code on a communication sent by mail, click the “Book Now” link on an email, or go to To view the Qualified Sailings, click “My Offers” on the website, then select the casino royale offers coupon. The Recipient can choose a Qualified Sailing and finish the booking on the casino’s website or by contacting an Independent Casino Representative or a professional travel advisor. Alternatively, they can call a Casino Royale Representatives at 1-888-561-2234, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.Only by getting in touch with an Independent Casino Representative, a Travel Advisor with experience, or a Casino Royal Representative may one apply for upgrades. Any stateroom listed on the website that isn’t designated as “Complimentary” is a full-fares cabin.


All casino offers are valid for NEW individual reservations placed with Royal Caribbean International on qualifying sailings made by the recipient before the Book by Date. They do not apply to group reservations or charters. The principal guest on the reservation must be the Recipient. Royal Caribbean International retains the right to revoke any offer and/or future offers in the event that the recipient becomes inactive, plays less games, or plays games in contravention of any laws or guidelines. Future offers may be withheld from any Recipient who restores a casino royale offers without participating. If a recipient does not show up at the pier for their check-in, they risk having their future offers suspended, losing any offers they have already redeemed, and having to pay the going prices for the remaining passengers when they board.

Receipts are solely liable for any tax liability, and disclosure, related to any casino royale offers.

All rights reserved, Royal Caribbean International и/or casino royale offers may amend these terms and conditions at any time. By reference, the terms of RCL’s Ticket Contract—copies of which can be found online at—are hereby incorporated. Even after you receive an order confirmation or shipment notice, Royal Caribbean International retains the right, at any time and without prior notice, to correct any mistakes, inaccuracies, or errors and to cancel all reservations made in error without incurring any further responsibilities to you. ©2023 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. The Bahamas is the ship’s registry.

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