It should be simple to choose where to purchase in a world full with options. For both of you your family, Sparkle Markets provides the highest quality fruit, dairy, meat, deli, and groceries. We offer weekly specials and affordable prices on the everyday products you use.

The Butcher’s

Sparkle has USDA Choice Beef available. We help you locate just what you need while cutting and wrapping it. We are now providing you with monthly tips and tricks straight from the butcher!

Advice through the Butcher >

Current Harvest

We want to give you the best products around all year long, whether it’s fruit or special holiday items. Find out what Sparkle in your area has in season.

New Seasonal Items > Practical How-Tos

Uncertain of how to extract pomegranate seeds? Do you need assistance preparing that festive prime rib? Check out our practical advice and techniques!

Get Cooking Advice and Techniques >

Hungered? See every dish Megan has been creating in the Sparkle Meals kitchen. We like providing you with affordable, family-friendly, and healthful recipes that are simple to prepare!

Warm Autumn Recipes


Four Cosy Recipes to Try This Autumn

Nothing compares to spending some quality time wih your family by the fire when the autumn leaves begin to fall while the evenings become colder. A variety of recipes that add a lovely twist to your favourite family dinners have been compiled by Sparkle Markets!

Cosy Up with Spinach Artichoke Dip

How could anyone not adore artichoke and spinach dip? This recipe is very simple to prepare and may be baked or cooked in a slow cooker. This is a terrific after-school snack for youngsters because it keeps well in the refrigerator for a few days.

Click Here for Recipe: Marry Me Chicken

You don’t need to search any farther for a quick dinner that everyone will like. This one-pan meal may be served for a weeknight supper and is sufficient to be served for a dinner party. Serve with rice or spaghetti.


More than ever, the groceries you purchase and the retailers you select are important. Since 1955, Sparkle Markets has been an aspect of this community. Our clients and their families are our first priority, which is why we take great satisfaction in offering you the best groceries, the greatest customer service, and the lowest pricing on the everyday necessities for you and your family.

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