The “queen of chaos” instagram/rayannabellebrock

This was one summa cum raucous former Kentucky coed.

A Bowling State bad girl gained notoriety instagram/rayannabellebrock after posting a bizarre collage of 11 mugshots along with the crimes they depicted on Instagram.

Rayanna Belle Brock was 23, has been arrested for a variety of crimes, including terrorism and stealing. Based on her booking photos, it seems like she liked many of her escapades.

The popular “mugshawty” account, which shares noteworthy arrest photos from around the country, published the narrative of chaos. She seemed especially proud of one arrest she had made instagram/rayannabellebrock in Stanford, Kentucky, for stealing a car, wrecking it, and then taking it back to her dorm.

She says in the comments, “This is some of my favorites.”

Some of Brock’s fans are clamoring for a deeper understanding of her background, as their appetites go beyond simply seeing new photos released.

One responder said, “We want a f—king film on this mugshawty.”

Some were less casual, urging Brock to get assistance to prevent a tragic outcome.
They wrote, “This chick is begging for help.”

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