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The simplest definition of study abroad is the chance to obtain educational credits in a ttu study abroad. TTU provides a wide array of distinctive academic programs throughout 50 nations. Being a global learner is vital to the Red Raider experience and will be important in your success beyond graduation. Allow us to assist you, regardless of whether you are aware of the type of study abroad opportunity you are looking for or not. Here’s to your new world.


Learn the practical skills necessary to create winning solutions for problems in the real world and to apply a global perspective to a range of enterprises, no matter where in the globe you decide to work.
Participate in specialized workshops on topics ttu study abroad, sustainability, and international business, taught by eminent scholars from across the world.

A flexible curriculum with alternative modules to customize it to your interests is ideal for ambitious students hoping to start a global career.
Examine global business from the viewpoints of various stakeholders and academic fields, such as marketing, economics, accounting, and finance.

Instead of writing a dissertation, receive assistance in creating your own company plan. This will help you build applicable and practical business skills and make you stand out in the competitive graduate market.

Entry prerequisites

a 2:2 from an accredited university with honors in any field. When there is proof of remarkable achievement in study-related modules, substantial relevant work experience, or professional credentials, we do take all submissions into consideration.

prerequisites for overseas students to enter

language requirements in English
To enroll in this course, international students must demonstrate that they speak English at the necessary proficiency. The test results needed for this course are categorized under Profile B2. The necessary test results and equivalents from your nation can be seen by visiting our English requirements for languages page.

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