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Steven Seagal’s former wife, Miyako Fujitani

As the famous actor Steven Seagal’s ex-wife, Miyako Fujitani is a woman you have probably heard of if you were familiar with Seagal. Japan has stood as the center of history and culture, in addition to the martial arts, for as far as anybody can remember.

One such exercise is the ancient Japanese combative practice of aikido. Among those who practice the art form is Miyako Fujitani, she was once married to Stephen Seagal and is currently one of its instructors.

Not only is she the creator of the renowned Tenshin Dojo, but she is also a gifted writer and actor. Fujitani is also a well-known first-degree black belt professor of Japanese martial arts.

We will discuss this amazing actress today, including her personal and professional life in addition to everything else you need know about this amazing woman.

A Brief Overview of Mikao Fujitani: by Candace Burns on December 31, 2022, at 03:08:24.828Z


Asia’s most beautiful woman, Miyako Fujitani, originated in Osaka, the country’s second-biggest city. She has always identified as being of Asian descent and was born there. Fujitani was raised in a traditional Japanese home; her father was a well-known aikido practitioner.

Given that the Aikido instructor Fujitani was born in 1952, she is 70 years old as of right now. Every year on February 3rd, she celebrates her birthday with a celebration. Furthermore, she was born under the sign of Aquarius, which is associated with originality and intelligence.

Let’s move on. This Japanese expert has been training Aikido for a long time, which has given her a slender yet extremely muscular physique. Similarly, Fujitani is five feet five inches (165 cm) tall, but we don’t know anything about her body mass index or any other physical characteristics. The master also has short, usually black hair and dark eyes, which give him an attractive image.


Miyuki has been married before, even if she isn’t married right now. As previously reported, Fujitani was formerly wed to Steven Seagal, an American actor, producer, screenwriter, and martial artist. In addition, Seagal’s musical career is well-known.

The kids and ex-husband of Fujitani

Similarly, the ex-couple met at a Los Angeles airport in July on 1974 for the first time. The two people began to develop affections for one another because they were each trained in martial arts. In December 1974, they decided to tie the knot in order to advance their romance.

Shortly afterward, on the third of October 1975, the charming couple received their first kid, a son they called Kentaro Seagal; on December 7, 1979, they welcomed their second child, a daughter they named Ayako Fujitani, and their joy knew no boundaries.

It was always their intention for them to have both of their adult kids succeeding in their chosen fields as of right now. Ayako Fujitani as a writer and performer whose amazing acting skills, outstanding performances in her movies, and arrangements that feature her seductive brilliance have enthralled audiences throughout the world.

Her son, Kentaro Seagal, has been in the performing business since its beginnings. He starred in movies including Osaka Story, Death Trance, Pi-Pi Kyodai, and Seamless: Kidz Rule. As a rising star, Kentaro aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps.

There are no interesting tidbits of news or contentious discussions about her personal or professional life. She is currently spending this time with her kids doing her regular activities.


Fujitani’s martial arts teaching career started with aikido, and it continues to be her main area of interest. Early on, the young Fujitani showed that he had a knack for it, and he went on to have a prosperous career in the industry. She is at present a seventh-dan practitioner of Aikido, having trained for more than fifty years.

Similar to this, she started working in education with 1976, the year that Fujitani assisted in founding Tenshin Dojo. She was born and raised in Osaka, Japan, site of among the most famous aikido schools in the world.

The former pair is also in charge of the dojo’s establishment. Fujitani is a writer in his free time in addition to being an Aikido instructor. She often writes essays and poetry about the foundation in addition to her own experiences.

Furthermore, Steven’s ex-wife is an actress who debuted in front of the lens in the 2000 movie E! Tru Hollywood Story. Episode 5 featured cameos by Fujitani, Adrienne La Russa, Kelly LeBrock, and her ex-husband Steven Seagal.

Total Worth

As of right now, this dedicated master of Aikido has an outstanding financial status of $1 million. Her lucrative occupations as an actress, author, and Aikido instructor enable her to maintain such a luxurious lifestyle.

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