Ouji Fashion: A Look at the Lolita Subculture


Do you want to learn more about the enigmatic world is Japanese fashion? The moment has come to learn about Ouji fashion.

The popular Lolita style known as “prince fashion” or “boyfriend style” has a subgroup called “ouji fashion.” It is a distinct appearance that has caught popular with young women from Japan.

We will go more deeply into the Lolita’s subculture and investigate the origins, significance, and aesthetics of Ouji.

So grab a seat and come along as we go on this fascinating voyage to explore the enigmatic realm of Ouji!

An Overview of Ouji Fashion

Do you know what Ouji is? It is a gorgeous Japanese fashion trend. Girls dress in this kind of Lolita clothing to make themselves appear to be boys.

The whole point of oju is to appear androgynous, like both a male and a girl at once. It’s an original and enjoyable method to express yourself through clothing.

It’s fascinating to see how other cultures have distinct fashion trends. “Lolita fashion,” an entire subculture in Japan, encompasses trends like ouji.

We will find out more concerning the origins of the Ouji fashion, how to wear it, and its various sub-styles in the parts that follow.

So be ready to discover a distinctive and enjoyable fashion trend!

The Origins of Ouji

The history of Ouji fashion, which dates back in the early 2000s, is fascinating. Its Lolita fashion subculture, popular for its frilly and adorable looks, gave rise to it in Japan. In contrast to Lolita fashion, oju seeks to produce an appearance that is more androgynous, or a fusion with both masculine and feminine characteristics.

The Ouji style is distinct because it incorporates characteristics of both men’s and women’s historical attire. Hats, connections, and vests are common accessories for oju costumes, and they give the whole thing a retro feel. The outfit also has a sharp, polished appearance because to how well-tailored it is.

What to Wear in Ouji Style?

The whole point of oju is to dress in an attire that renders you appear to be a prince. But it’s not just for boys. Girls can also wear them!

You’ll need a few essential items of clothes and jewellery to dress in Ouji.

Let’s now discuss about footwear. Dress shoes should be used with your Ouji costume. These can be glossy and either black or brown.

Ouji Accessories for Fashion

The whole point of oju is to appear regal! And we need a few items to finish the outfit.

Let’s look at a few essential Ouji accessories.

A ribbon ties is a tie that is similar to a standard tie but is made out of a lovely ribbon. It gives your clothing a dash of sophistication. To coordinate with your attire, you can choose a ribbon tie in a variety of hues and patterns.

Hair clips are useful for more than just keeping hair outside of your face, says the bow hair clip. They could also serve as a finishing touch to your ensemble. The hair clasp with a sweet bow on it is called a bow hair clip. It can be fastened with a clip to your clothing or hair. It gives your appearance a little bit of sweetness.

Accessories are a crucial component of oju. They contribute to the overall aesthetic and give you a princely appearance. So, if you’re after to experience Ouji, dress up with some accessories!

Ouji Lolita: What You Should Know

Do you know who Ouji Lolita is?

It’s a style of clothing that originated in Japan and mixes the adorable Lolita aesthetic with the superb androgynous Ouji aesthetic.

Girls don adorable dresses, skirts, jackets, vests, along with top hats in Ouji Lolita! It’s fun to combine various styles to produce a distinctive appearance.

To complete the image, certain individuals even add greater Ouji components like braces or pocket watches. It’s all about have fun and using clothing to express oneself.

Ouji Lolita: Lolita’s Male Counterpart
Boys also have a style known as Ouji Lolita, just like how girls dress in Lolita!

Because the Japanese word “Ouji” means prince, this fashion trend is also known as the “Prince Style” or the “Boyfriend Style.” The clothes are modelled by the traditional attire worn by royal males in the past.

Therefore, this style is ideal for you if you want to appear like a prince or someone who’s part of the royal family!

Ouji Lolita’s variants

Ouji Lolita features a wide range of fashions! Some of the possible substyles include the following:

Classic Ouji: it is more conventional and heavily influenced by the past. This fashion may be found on ruffled clothing, waistcoats, and even cravats!

Informal Ouji suits you if you prefer to dress in traditional Ouji while being at ease. Many t-shirts and jeans are used in this look, which also incorporates Ouji components like vests or bow ties.

Military Ouji: This look is influenced by military garb, hence epaulettes, stripes, and medals are frequently used. This fashion also frequently makes extensive use of either silver or gold buttons.

Gothic Ouji: If you’re going for a gloomy, enigmatic look, Gothic Ouji definitely the way to go. This look makes extensive use of velvet, lace, and black. Also common in this design are crosses along with additional religious symbols.

You may put together a distinctive and fashionable appearance using any style of Ouji Lolita!

How Should I Dress Like Ouji Lolita?

Would you like to dress in Ouji Lolita style? Following these simple steps will help:

After completing your foundation suit, add finishing touches like a tie, bow tie, or ribbon. You can also carry a messenger bag, a hat, or gloves. Don’t forget to wear stockings or knee-high socks!

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